Saturday, October 20, 2007

The new valiant.

Cowardice is valiance?
Intimidation is excellence?
Ink sleeves libel the very selves on whose arms they dwell

Arms locked around their huddled, voiceless she-cows
Arms crossed, blocking all the heavy-handedly exaggerated evils they perceive
Their loyalty is a pecking order with no exit door but pseudo-death
A straight-edge to the throat of dissent
A family of bitter boys masked as men

A pride of lions disguised as faces friendly quips dig into your ribs remain yet unbroken smiles leaking charm disarming speak no reason for alarm
Defer to the drum of what bromidic rhythm's tomb
Exhumed, the rotten, bruised excuse to lose wits and misuse fists
For fun?
For pride?
For nary-you-mind blindness
Witness the noble lion feed the gazelle a steel-clawed paw prints bloody flee the scene saying:
"Don't incriminate me, or my pride will overwhelm you and beat you into the concrete"
They are the same brutal beast of irresponsible deceit
They are the putrefacted teeth of moral-imposition machines
What for themselves they reap they would have you breathe or put you to sleep saying:
"If you don't concede to me, you're a threat to my family
"My crew
"My glorious granfalloon
"My better fit to live than you entitled to hit you in the face because I don't like what you do, dude!
"And all the others look up to me if I'm true, dude!
"'Til death!"

'Til death

Is honor more important than drawing breath?
And is honor synonymous with idiotic sentiment?
Poison-free minds circumscribed by romantic designs of honor
And pride
And crew
No virtue left unskewed
No principle not fallen through
Fester the blind eyes of a stolid few

So they ruin the show
And we go home
The show goes on
But we stay home
The show must go on
Yet still we stay home

How long will we stay at home?
How long will we sit in stone?
When will we chip the lion's teeth?
When will we make them read the litany of brutality on their sleeves
And see the distinction between
Dignity... and hypocrisy?
Valiant... and violent?

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