Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gneiss guy.

One morning my mind was reborn
Torn from the lithostatic of the past into the stagnance of the present
Erratic ambition agitated my indecision to progress
And profess that only myself I have to impress
The will to change possess I alone
Exchange my lazy seat of stone
For an incommodious throne
Excising my ass from lethargizing imprecisely
Presently, deftly I will, perhaps ungently, feistily revise
This pomegranate into pome-gneiss!

Oh yes, I am a gneiss guy
Mundanely mistaken as a granite man
Disguised as a wise guy
But wisdom comes from some exotic plumb
Hitherto untasted by this wastrel

Repurpose this pile of debased brain cells!

Unsteady, heavy-heady
Already you're regretting getting embedded in this nonsense
Suspense of defense, shields down
Pay attention to this lesson lest you get schooled in the first round
Profoundly pronoun: it's time to lay the laziness aside
Before you find you're on the wrong side of an insurmountable divide
Generically gerund: usin' the same, old ing on everything
You've invented a non-descript epidemic, I suspect!
Abjectly adjective: what do you expect when you reject introspection?
Neglect your intellect and expect to get disrespected
Absurdly adverbal: you're not a turned-over turtle set in granite, man!
You're a gneiss guy!
But you've reduced your muse to an obtuse recluse
Due to a double-dose-colon disuse-semicolon excuses, excuses
Don't eschew it, stupid!
This is a geologic process of self-improvement through ego rebootin'
So get used to the effusive

Confusing creatures, mistakes!
The difference between what eats you and what you intake
To slake your thirst for personal reimbursement
To your atrophic, mind-power muscle
For all the apathetic, idle hours rustled for nothin'
But with this knowledge don't prepare an apology
Spare the ignominy!
Bein' indefinitely sorry is hardly conducive to lucidity
There is no insufficiency, only a proclivity to passivity
But what could this missive be?
It reads, "Don't be remiss to reminisce on this
"And don't dismiss all the shit you really wish not to relive"
Reiterate: inside the gneissest guy you will find remnants of granite
Confined reminders of a time when you were immeasurably desperate
Plentiful reflection recompenses immensive benefit

You'll never fully abandon what you enacted
Bombastic memories abstracted and moments monastic
The gneiss guy finishes porphyroclastic

And that

Is fantastic

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