Monday, April 28, 2008

True story.

Well, I have not done a journal entry basically ever.

So the other morning (this was extreme morning, super-ante-meridian) I went over to Taylor Haus and parked my car across the street. I guess I parked in front of some trucks that were sitting on somebody's lawn, which isn't the coolest shit, but I didn't think they would be leaving any time before I did.

It is important to understand that the front, driver-side door of my car is one squawkin'-ass mofo, and occasionally its howl will summon a truly fell beast. So I got out of my car, and immediately I heard some guy talking to me. I turned around to see a fat man wearing a moustache and an a-shirt, possibly pants, I don't remember. He said something resembling, "I hope you don't plan on parking there for very long."

"No, I will probably be gone in a couple of hours," I replied.

"'Cause I've got two vehicles right there." No shit?

"Well if you're going to be leaving soon I could move my car."

"'Cause there's a fire hydrant right there, and that's illegal." Oh. Admittedly I did not notice the fire hydrant.

"Oh, thanks. I'll move my car. Thanks." He didn't even say anything else before he re-entered his home. "Thanks," I said again, "you tit." He didn't come back, but I probably would have fought that man. I was in a weird mood.

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