Friday, October 17, 2008


Drape Autumn's blanket
Thank if for displacing me from time's thralldom
Shed my beliefs like falling leaves
You can't reason with the seasons
Easin' pain is not a game of haggle
So reach to those who straggle, and drag 'em in 'til the bag is full

Mull, nag and survey the scene
The green is never clean, just kempt
And conquerin' every acre won't exempt you from death
Preemption is impermanent, gentle to circumvent
Is not preserving wealth impertinent to observing every breath?
Health is a commodity to affluence's progeny
Whose medicine fetish reflects misdirection of ontogeny
"¡Comemos fármacos in gross doses!"
But Lucky Charms junkies won't foreclose on the crypt of the final repose
Nor will they give up the farm to buy the ghost

So raise a toast to cognitive embodiment's host!
And to the party bid adieu, the lease on your particles is due
Please don't be boorish, duck bills and beaks of geese need nourishment
Proceed on route to seed the roots to breed the weeds to flourish to feed to endure...
Who thought I would say, "Life rules?"
It's a flux of sorrows flecked by smiles borrowed
And tryin' not to wreck a worthwhile tomorrow
And you'll go out of style when it's your turn, recede your leaves
As you're balding in the Fall, give me a call
Leafraker, I'll make it brief

Drape Autumn's blanket
Thank it for displacing me from time's thralldom
Shake off my grief like fallen leaves
Many a tear spent won't resurrect
Rain rots burial plots fain forgotten
That all the bereaved may be relieved

Detritus comprised us the moment Mom devised of us
The demise of us?: accruement of dissolution of the glue that binds the dust!
We're dramatized organ-husks!
I don't mean to be brusque, but what's the fuss?
Can our pieces depart conceit and caprice?
Can lofty discourse do naught but gnash the breeze?
Conceive!: aspiring ever-greens expired as ashes
Retire the joke when petrified oak's ire broke the branches
Yggdrasil crashes!
Empires will burn!
Entire species will concede defeat!
Fragmented Firmament ceramic shattered at Babylon's feet!
Thermo-dynamics demands universal depletion of heat!

So clap your hands before they ban the ampersand!
And you'll be damned if you don't understand when the party gets out of hand!
Can't put a finger upon the ring, blunderer?
Can't appeal to the thunderous peal?
Wonder deals not in relief
Obtuse is the vein of the motif underlain
We're loose change to derail the train, water to stop the drain
Playin' like death is abuse and estrangement
An extrinsic affliction to be assuaged
But this is no foreign exchange, nor phage, nor passing engagement
It's your boring, logical extent, your orderly disarrangement

It isn't a transitory state, there's no addendum to your story
There's no severance nor glorious reward
Nor beckoning light toward which to drift
Your shift is fin, take a break
You don't have to fake that grin
Go ahead and flake out, you won't awake
The rake is your escape

Drape Autumn's blanket
Thank if for displacing me from time
Leafraker, what's on your mind?