Friday, April 17, 2009

Musique concréte jungle.

A dream in the scheme of a birthday balloon
Swooped to Earth mayhap to kidnap me today
Wind wept tears, for fear is such a vicious thing
Wishes bring no respite, but I'm desperate to delay
A flurry of beard blurrily appeared in my periphery
Storm-blew for to allay my dismay
Fortuitous that Rubik's pubics puzzle cherubic's muzzle
For foil bubble lacks the eyes for my disguise to spoil; decay

Reverse, replayin' this cassette since record got pressed
Rehearsin' versions of a furtive escape before the casket eats the tape
Bless my heart! When I assess the charted path of my myth
I witness less annual progress than batholith versus continental drift
Consequence is stiff as I sift mere minutes from years flit finite
It's a fine night to fib my affinity for talkin' the talk
But I could walk infinity's clock, never tickin' the blocks
If I could gloss across the intersections or kata through the fourth dimension

My rhythm and diction mimic my predilection to defect to science fiction
But as the times descend upon the genre I decline to subscribe to non-fi
I'm the wrong guy for to settle on Gaia's petals to get plucked
I'll rucksack it to Saturn with no jacket, in shadow with no lantern-glow
No pattern to follow, still I'd rather grow out than grow up
But when there's no standing room to expand
I throw up my hands to grasp at the moon (won't you uproot me, Luna?)
If Mommy Fortuna can't swoon a unicorn, however
Then surely I'd lose my leverage to untether my legs from heritage

Forever seems like nothing when you're never doing something
My thoughts never becomething, 'cause I'm always sitting here stumped
And this place is a dump, it puts a lump in my throat
I don't reckon I can jump the boat, unreconciled, unrecognizable to myself?

Bedecked in pelts of elephants lest I forget to fill my pelican with pectin
I wouldn't want to make an impact with deviled excrement
Project inexorable fiber ethical, though what's detestable is flexible
Anything is digestible if I rewire my intestinal
And when I'm full the dulcet drone of lyre-slung, wire-wung phonies
Will entreat me to retire, but over my sheets they'll hover, hung like dire sheep
Government lovers are tolerant, even hospitable
Until they wonder where their dollars went and discover I'm unprofitable

Stalking bull always bent in labyrinthine hallway
Forwent perplexity to be unamazed, yet the exit is never misplaced
Disgraced, can't hold a candle on behalf of guilt
The past'll dismantle the quilt is only half-way built
And sutured future any sooner splayed, brain I spill
From skull asternly crushed to subarachnoid cistern flush
Double back and destroy this concerned hunch
This learned crutch I've suffered enough and well
I'm a brother and a lover and a smothered bell
My liberty's wracked with crippled reaction time
Impassive I'd whittle vines, but damnably brittle, my family tree is riddled

Forever seems like nothing when you're never doing something
And takin' a break is one thing; but it's disgusting layin' awake
Sedentary in bed for many hours on end, sectarian by necessity
Lethargy has requested my glee be wrest from me, and I let it be!

Incidentally my laundry is yet enmired in perpetual wash
And I'm tired of squandering my entire stake; and the drier is agape...
So I must abate procrastinatin', endlessly debatin'
And contemplatin' my situation, 'cause time's a-wastin'

In a basement, cornered my former is patient with prostration
His latent norm is my horror and my frustration
So I must abate procrastinatin', endlessly debatin'
And contemplatin' my situation, my ship is sailin'

(Posted 4/17/09; edited 9/24/09.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

The stagnatest generation, part 2.

I am the enemy of authority, author of cerebral enema
Administered to fecal minds brain-washed by posh ephemera sinister
Swollen blister of internet bubble burst, cyber-pus dispersed
I from dire trouble worst emerge well-versed in how to exist
Emergence uncooked is grist for SPACEBOOK
Dutifully hookin' to scrutiny crooked
Addicted to this ridiculous mockup of community
Locked up in this machine, stripped of significant inflection
No protection by the screen if it can't siphon mental intention
I'm afraid this mission is a mishap, minds frayed and misshapen

A haven for auto-imaginary figments is a breeding ground for the slavish
A culture for craven, bacteriofaceless rapists to feed on your impatience
Lavished and lashed with fragments of broken ideals
To stroke self-doubt and choke genuine feeling out
A menu of squealing mouths swallowing tongues and teeth
Hollow lungs breathe shallowly, cough and quiver
The gallery eats at malady's trough, misgiven the stagnant air
Passive, unaware as it congeals to chair, absent of lament

Faux-dramatic the generithon barrels on
Heralding the dawn of a chess board beset by bored pawns
Bereft of any spectre of aplomb, bombed into oblivious existence, non-
Catharsis? Not an exorcism so much as a harvest of canards!
Is garnish for impoverished characters, garish and slobber-lipped
Elaborately empty and festooned the granfalloon entombed
Vacancies to fill with voids erased, slop replaced with copy/paste HTML
What misspelled, fresh hell of imbecilic minutiae!
Umbilically rooted in menticide, beautified and scented vines entangle marionette
Strangled clarion melancholic bellows plaintive, now natively vegetative

Reacquaintance requires identity to be unfettered
Repetitive choirs reliant on perpetual attention are defiant to changing tune
Any potential exchange is imprudent to giant babies in need of a sitter
Maybe they'll be freed from this bitterly common phenomenon-sequitur
Rather than wither the worth of the witless
Gather each idiot, lather and bleach it, beseech it
Cease to belabor this explicitly scripted behavior
Never waver, forever will be severed whenever
Love your neighbor
Be endeavor

[We will not be victims of our regret
We pissed on our pistons and flipped our Chevette
Eject the cassette
And bless the remains of the wreck that progressed our egress

From here we can see the frontier
Abundant as crystal and kissed by Vanir
Rejoice in our peers
Our voice is sincere, and our noising will dither our fear